Did you know a parent has 936 weeks between their child’s birth and their graduation? We don’t want you to miss a single opportunity to give your kids a faith that will last forever and a faith family that they want to be a part of. Dutch Cove kids ministry partners with parents to help them disciple their children to love and trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord. We believe that kids should love going to church, and we believe kids are made in the image of God and can respond to the gospel. So, we work hard to provide creative environments that guide children to Jesus, lay a foundation of biblical truth for their lives, and connect them in healthy relationships with other children.

Through multiple creative environments, Bible lessons, prayer, relationships, and worship we help to connect faith with life right where kids are. Sunday morning kids groups are divided along the lines of nursery, preschool, and elementary with an experience that is engaging and relevant to their young lives. Upon pick-up, you get a take home page with information about the lesson and ways to help you and your children grow deeper in your faith at home.

Weekly Gatherings

The Beehive

Kids Ages Birth through Kindergarten

We believe your child is never too young to be introduced to the truth and the love of God. While in our care, your little one will be nurtured and valued. In a fun, interactive, age appropriate way, they will learn about God’s truth and God’s love through Jesus Christ.
We call our little kid area the Beehive because there are always kids buzzing about in there. There are unique spaces and trained volunteers for babies, toddlers, and pre-K and Kindergartners.

Safety and security are a high priority. Parents must sign in and sign out their children each week. Parents are also provided a unique notification device in case of emergencies.

Preschool Hall  |  Sundays during all Worship Gatherings

Kids Cove

Elementary Age Children, Grades 1 through 5

Our Kids Cove Worship on Sunday mornings is a highly interactive worship experience where your child will learn how the gospel shapes every part of their life right now. Kids study the Bible through lessons, music, games, hands-on activities, and videos as our ministry team aims to shape your child’s heart and mind, so they can make wiser choices, build stronger relationships, and develop a deeper faith.

Safety and security are a high priority. Parents must sign in and sign out their children each week.

 Bathroom Hall  |  Sundays during 10:30 am Worship.

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