4 years - 5th Grade

Swing on Board the River
Cruise VBS.
5 awesome evenings full of games, crafts, music & dinner each day! Register your child the first day or Pre-Register online here! Our VBS is for your 4 year old through 5th grader.

6th - 12th Grade

We're so excited for this year's Summer Summit! 5 evenings full of student led worship, great teaching, games, food, and fellowship. Register you child on the first day or Pre-Register online here! This time is geared specifically to your teenager.

We're so glad you're joining us this year for VBS and Summer summit!

Sunday, June 2nd - Thursday, June 6th
6 - 8:30 pm; Registration opens at 5:30 pm each night

A Little More Info

Listen! Can you hear a howler monkey screeching and insects buzzing?
Look! Do you see a sloth hanging from a tree and a jaguar crouching, ready to pounce?
Smell! Is that the aroma of tropical flowers wafting through the air?
Touch! Do you feel soft grass under your feet and gentle rain on your skin?
Taste! Is that delicious milk from a coconut and exotic spices from the rainforest?

Join us in a world of wonder that will delight our senses while captivating our hearts and minds at The Great Jungle Journey: An Epic Cruise from Genesis to Revelation. We will cruise through jungle rivers, making stops at seven ports of call along the way—each starting with a C. These represent seven key biblical events—the 7 C’s of History.

-Preschool (4 and 5 year olds)
-Kindergarten and 1st grade
-2nd and 3rd grade
-4th and 5th grade
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The Great Jungle Journey VBS:
Day 1: Creation—Our first C takes us back to the beginning of time and the creation of the
universe when it was all good. Did the universe start with a big bang, or did God create it?
Day 2: Corruption and Catastrophe—Next, Adam sinned, which affected his descendants,
who were so wicked that God sent a global flood as judgment for their sin.
Day 3: Confusion—The fourth C checks out the events that began at the tower of Babel.
Can this be where all the people groups originated from?
Day 4: Christ and the Cross—At these stops, we realize once again that man is sinful
and needs a Savior. Hallelujah, God provides one in his Son!
Day 5: Consummation—The last C shows the thrilling conclusion to history when all goes
back to very good again, and—best news ever—God wins against sin and Satan.

Every day, our kids are bombarded with questions: Did God really create everything? Why do bad things happen? Was Noah’s ark real? Why do I need to be saved? Can I trust the Bible?
At this year's VBS, your kids will explore the biblical answers to these questions as they set off on an epic adventure from Genesis to Revelation. Amid sloths, butterflies, river dolphins, and dart frogs, your children will sail along on a fun jungle cruise, stopping at seven ports of call. These ports are the 7 C’s of History: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. Kids will discover how these events shape our world, and they will learn to reconnect the Bible to their everyday life. Prepare to swing into fun as we head out on The Great Jungle Journey!


Summer Summit will have this time specifically geared toward your middle and high schoolers. 

This year at Summer Summit we will be discovering that God knows us all by name! 
Whether it's a friend, teammate, or someone you just met, the first step in getting to know someone better is usually learning their name. But when that person becomes more than just a name to you, that's when a real relationship can begin. In this series, we'll talk about what this looks like in our relationship with God. We'll explore passages from all over the Bible, from Genesis all the way through the New Testament, as we try to understand what it means to know, and be known, by the God who made us. Together, we'll discover why it matters so much that God knows us by name. Then we'll see how we can know God by name — and how sharing God's attributes and how He shows Himself to us can help others know God by name too.

-Middle School (6th - 8th Grade)
-High School (9th - 12th Grade)
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